Food Enhancement (Mushrooms)



Research Summaries

  • Food Conveyors
    Pulsed Light effectively disinfects food processing conveyors in realistic simulations
  • Photonic Sintering
    Combustion-Assisted Photonic Sintering (CAPS) research shows new potential for the future of printed electronics
  • Food Packaging
    Research shows Pulsed Light is a fast and sustainable technology for packaging sterilization
  • Wastewater Treatment
    Collaborative university study shows Pulsed Light is a sustainable and effective method to maintain municipal wastewater
  • Milk Treatment
    Pulsed Light found to be a rapid and effective method for reducing harmful bacteria in milk
  • Fruit Juices
    Pulsed Light can be effective in making fresh fruit juices safer and longer-lasting
  • Cheese
    Pulsed Light extends the quality and shelf life of one of the world’s most popular cheese products
  • Water Multiple Uses
    Pulsed UV Light system demonstrates a faster and safer way to decontaminate water
  • Treating Milk
    Research shows how Pulsed Light can play a part in processing milk safely and efficiently
  • Fast Sintering
    Pulsed Light enables faster and better sintering of nanoparticles on thermoelectric films

Food Safety & Enhancement Research


Pulsed Light’s Application in the Food Safety and Enhancement Space
Presented conjunction with New Food Magazine
October 21, 2020

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