The Power of Pulsed Light

It sterilizes.

Infectious diseases are a significant concern for the safety of people around the world. All microorganisms, with the exception of Mad Cow Disease, contain DNA. Pulsed Light from XENON deactivates DNA by photochemical, photothermal and photophysical methods. Classified as a sterilization agent, and determined by the FDA to be safe for the treatment of foods, Pulsed Light energy is delivered with instantaneous power of several megawatts. This results in rapid inactivation of microorganisms, including fungal yeasts and molds, bacteria, rickettsiae, myco-plasma, and viruses.

Applications: Food conveyors, food decontamination, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, clean rooms, pass-throughs, barrier isolation and more.

It cures.

Pulsed Light is suitable for any application where UV mercury light has traditionally been used, with superior and safer results. Pulsed Light is an extremely flexible technology that can deliver complete cures quickly. Its high peak-power and low heat allows the energy to penetrate thick coatings without damaging the target. Pulsed Light’s broad spectrum of light, from UV to infrared is able to solve even the most intractable curing problems. Applications: Semiconductors, OLED and touch-screen displays, medical devices, optical discs, Blu-ray discs, and more.

It sinters.

Printed Electronics involves the printing of functional computer circuitry onto flexible materials such as cloth and plastic, using inks based on silver, gold, and most recently lower-cost copper. These inks must be sintered, or carefully heated, in order to make them properly conductive. XENON’s Pulsed Light systems provide the energy needed to treat metallic inks without harming heat-sensitive substrates, and at speeds compatible with high-volume printing processes. Because of the deep penetration of Pulsed Light, our solutions can even be used with multilayer circuitry. Applications: Flexible printed circuits for use in wearable sensors, RFID tags, diagnostic monitors, smart clothes, and more.

It enables.

The ability to produce rapid, powerful bursts of energy with little heat, while generating the full spectrum of light, makes Pulsed Light uniquely able to create a wide range of chemical reactions. Researchers continue to find new and exciting uses for the technology. Applications: Infuse mushrooms with Vitamin D, test solar panels during manufacture, extend the shelf-lfe of foods, anneal perovskite solar cells, and more.