Wilmington, MA — In response to the increased demand brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, XENON Corporation recently expanded its office and manufacturing space by over 40%, adding approximately 10,000 square feet to its campus headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The new space will house the company’s shipping and receiving, inventory, testing and electronics assembly, and will help to absorb its growing workforce, including 20 new hires in Quality Control, Process Engineering and Final Assembly.

As the leader in Pulsed UV Light technology, XENON has been at the tip of the spear during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As The Pulsed Light Experts, the company has been approached by corporations, developers, medical institutions, and even the U.S military for solutions to a wide range of disinfection needs.

Pulsed Light is in high demand. It’s high-energy pulses of UV light are delivered in fractions of a second, so objects and spaces can be disinfected in a fraction of the time required by competitive technologies. And since Pulsed Light has been proven to destroy the nCoV2019 virus, developers have taken note. With so many hospitals, businesses and institutions looking for ways to disinfect its public spaces and work spaces, the applications for Pulsed Light are seemingly endless.

According to Lou Panico, CEO of XENON Corporation, “These have been trying times for the world and many businesses are stepping up to face the challenge. Pharmaceutical, technology and manufacturing companies have ramped up development and production of tools that are needed to fight this battle. We at XENON are proud to be one of the essential companies who are making a real impact.”

For more information on XENON and its products, contact Laurie Panico at 978-737-7819 or LAPanico@xenoncorp.com.