Upgrade to the popular X-1100 that provides twice the power.

Photo of XENON’s X-1100.Wilmington, Massachusetts (November 10, 2023) – XENON Corporation, the world leader in Pulsed Light technology, has introduced the X-1100/2x Pulsed Light Research System, an upgrade to its industry-leading research system, the X-1100.

Since its introduction in 2016, The XENON X- 1100 has been an instrumental tool for scientists, engineers and researchers looking to define processes, optimize solutions and identify new applications for pulsed xenon light (PX-UV). The flexible, bench-top instrument has been key to advancements in sterilization, disinfection, curing and sintering applications.

In response to customer’s requests for even more power, XENON has now developed the X-1100/2x. With its ability to generate 7.8 Joules/cm2 of radiant energy/pulse, The 2x opens up even more possibilities for new applications of Pulsed Light. For example, researchers have already discovered that the 2x makes it possible to sinter multiple layers of copper printed circuits with a single flash.

Like the original X-1100, the 2x offers a touch screen interface, providing the operator with the ability to easily program pulse energy, duration, timing and width, and then to measure the actual pulse using the product’s built-in oscilloscope.

According to Lou Panico, CEO of XENON Corporation, “The X-1100/2x is for anyone who looking for more photons fast. The X-1100/2x increases the possibilities for all known uses of Pulsed Light, and will open even more applications where more power was needed.”

The extra power provided by the X-1100/2x opens up possibilities not only in printed electronics, but also in areas of food safety and enhancement, solar cell and battery development, chemical-free disinfection, and more.

The X-1100/2x can be ordered new directly from XENON or through its network of worldwide distributors. For existing X-1100 owners, a field-upgrade is available.

For more information about the product, contact XENON today at www.xenoncorp.com/contact or by calling 978-661-9033.