Wilmington, MA — For more than 50 years, XENON Corporation has specialized in innovative applications for Pulsed Light across a broad range of industries. XENON continues to see many new ideas and products relying on its high-energy Pulsed Light systems and is pleased to recognize a new customer entering the marketplace.

“With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and concerns about air travel, this product could not be more timely.” said XENON CEO and founder, Louis Panico. “Steribin’s product will be a game-changer for the travel industry.”

Over the last year, a Utah-based start-up has worked with XENON in the development of their new device. Steribin LLC saw a need to address the many studies showing harmful bacteria and viruses found on airport security bins. Using XENON’s high-energy Pulsed Light system, Steribin’s device can sanitize airport security bins in seconds, without disrupting the existing flow of passengers. “XENON has been wonderful to work with,” said Steribin CEO, Jon Cole. “Their support and expertise helped us accelerate the development of our product.”

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For additional information about Steribin, you may contact Steribin’s CEO, Jon Cole, at jon@steribin.com or visit www.steribin.com.