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The S-5100 Wide-Width Sintering System

S-5100 Features

  • Widths up to 50 inches
  • Uniform energy delivered across entire target area
  • Synchronization to prevent striping
  • Air-cooled

XENON’s integrated touchscreen user interface, provides software control over all system parameters.

The XENON S-5100 is a giant step forward in printed electronics; for the first time enabling the sintering of wide substrates in a roll-to-roll production environment.

In Printed Electronics, as in all printing, wide-area capability is essential for volume production. It’s also required for products such as large screen digital displays.

Now XENON, the world leader in Pulsed Light, has created the S-5100 Wide-Width Sintering System. The S-5100 delivers the uniformity and precision control demanded by printed electronics applications. The advanced touch screen interface allows manufacturers to easily program and deliver the correct energy to achieve proper sintering without damaging the substrate. And, thanks to XENON’s expertise in Pulsed Light, the unique design of the lamps and housing ensures uniform light energy across the entire sintering area (see sidebar).

The S-5100 can be used to sinter copper as well as silver inks, and is designed to work with inks from various manufacturers so users are not locked into one vendor. XENON has formed close relationships with a number of companies that supply materials to the printed electronics industry (see list) and XENON engineers will work with you to customize the system to your specific printing requirements.

Designed for production
Based on XENON’s decades of manufacturing experience, the S-5100 is built for production from top to bottom. It consists of a power source and advanced controls developed by XENON, enabling precise delivery of energy to the target. The air-cooled system is easy to deploy and lamp housings can be embedded in the printing line for easy integration into new or existing processes.

The S-5100 also provides synchronization with web speed, with the flash frequency automatically tracking the printing line to deliver the right energy for the ideal cure at speeds up to 6.1 meters/min (20 ft/min).

The S-5100 features an integrated touchscreen user interface, providing software control over all system parameters. Users can easily program pulse energy, width and frequency to achieve the desired cure, and recipes can be stored and recalled when needed. A USB port on the touch panel allows for exporting and importing recipes from external sources. Energy can be adjusted from 1 J/cm2 to 5 J/cm2 to meet specific customer requirements.

Because XENON makes all components of the system—from the mainframe control center to the lamps and housing—our engineers can adapt it to virtually any production requirement. We can work with you to tailor the S-5100 to your exact manufacturing requirements.


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