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The S-2100 Rack-Mounted Sintering System

The S-2100 can be configured to work with a variety of XENON lamp housings.

S-2100 Features
  • Selectable pulse duration
  • Adjustable pulse energy
  • Single/Continuous/Burst/Double mode pulses
  • Sintering area: 1.9 x 30.5 cm

The S-2100 shown with the optional Linear Stage Unit, which provides single axis linear motion for area sintering applications.

The S-2100 shown with the optional conveyor which enables the characterization of production processes.

The XENON S-2100 is the next generation in the S-2000 sintering systems, a rack-mounted, high-energy, Pulsed Light system designed for reliable, repeatable sintering of conductive nanoparticles on heat-sensitive materials for printed electronics.

The system features a high intensity pulsed xenon lamp that provides a broadband spectrum, from 190nm to 1100nm with adjustable energy up to 2000 Joules/pulse. Selectable pulse duration: 100 to 2000µs. Adjustable pulse energy: 200-2000 Joules. UV Sintering area: 1.9 x 30.5cm.

The S-2100 offers the flexibility to adjust both the energy delivered to the flashlamp and the pulse width. The pulse width can be adjusted to two different preset values, 1.5ms or 2.0ms, or adjusted over a range from 0.1ms to 1.0ms. The energy to the flashlamp can be controlled by setting the voltage on the system. This exceptional flexibility makes evaluating and deploying easy.

The S-2100 is designed to research the sintering characteristics of UV light curable nano inks. XENON does not produce inks or pastes, however we have formed close relationships with a number of ink manufacturers that supply materials to the printed electronics industry (see list).

The S-2100 delivers with a 16 inch linear lamp or with a 107mm spiral lamp, and can be configured with a number of available options.


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