Partner Spotlight: MOS Technology

by | Jun 2, 2022

With this blog, we are pleased to introduce a new feature spotlighting XENON distributors, OEMs, and other partners. In our first installment, our featured partner is MOS Technology of Taiwan.

MOS Technology is an equipment and parts provider with comprehensive after-sales service for sectors including renewable energy, semiconductor, and data storage media. According to their website, “MOS Tech upholds the mission to protect the earth by introducing renewable energy-related process equipment that embraces a clean and green earth.”

MOS Technology has been working with XENON since April of 2001. Recently, we interviewed the company’s founder and CEO Jackie Lin about the role Pulsed Light plays in his business.

Jackie Lin, CEO, MOS Technology

Q: Tell us about your company, MOS Technology.

A: MOS Technology Inc. is a high-technology and customer-oriented company focused on the data storage media market since 1997, providing state-of-the-art equipment and consumable parts to the industry. We have gained a great reputation from our network of customers and vendors.

Today, we have a staff of 15 people. Our sales and service offerings cover a wide range of applications and industries, including semiconductors, optoelectronic, printing electronics, and the food industry. Many of these industries can benefit from Pulsed Light, and that’s why we offer XENON products as part of our solution set.

Q: Can you describe a typical Pulsed Light installation that is handled by your company?

A: Certainly. A good example is a DVD production system we installed with the XENON RC 802. That has been a highly successful, full-production system with hundreds of lines.

Another example is a special bonding process for 3C-tablets. The process requires extreme precision and involves fast- and low-temperature bonding tools, which makes it a perfect application for Pulsed Light. We have systems installed in South China, with more than forty production lines running day and night.

Q: Vitamin D enhancement in mushrooms is one the fast-growing applications for Pulsed Light. Do you see this in your business?

A: We’re definitely seeing an interest. This is an exciting opportunity for Pulsed Light. Vitamin D is essential to our health, and some research has shown that it could even help protect against Covid-19. We have seen the FDA start to revise the Nutrition Facts label, forcing companies to follow a new label format starting in 2021 with important Vitamin D information included.

Mushrooms and mushroom powder are some of the best natural sources of Vitamin D, especially when treated with Pulsed Light. Even indoor mushrooms produce high Vitamin D levels when exposed to Pulsed Light. Taiwanese farmers grow many different mushrooms which can be treated this way, and this has led to us to introduce our technology to the mushroom powder market. With XENON Corporation’s support, I think we’ll be able to create a very important and successful application in this space.

Left: Mushroom Powder & Dry Mushrooms. Right: Vitamin D Mushroom Powder Ready for Market.

Q: Have you implemented XENON equipment for mushroom applications?

A: Yes, we have sold an RC 847 OEM system to a popular mushroom chips company here in Taiwan. We also have a customer that uses RC 801 and CIXL to develop processes with different Vitamin D concentrations. By adjusting process times, they can generate Vitamin D at a range from 50 µg to 250 µg per gram of mushroom powder.

Q: What other applications have you seen for Pulsed Light?

A: I’ve mentioned a few, but there are many more. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been more attention to sanitization and sterilization of food, surfaces, and space. For example, we were contacted during the MEGA food exhibition last December to develop suitable solutions for the food industry. We also see a lot of companies developing processes for the Printed Electronics market, which needs Pulsed Light to sinter the conductive materials and layers. Really, the applications are almost endless.

Q: What kind of support does XENON provide during an installation?

A: When a Pulsed Light project starts, we consult with the customer to determine the best solution. XENON helps us with the systems integration and fine-tuning. The wonderful team in Boston provides us with a lot of process knowledge and integration know-how. With our combined experience and specializations, we are able to execute projects with great success.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?

A: XENON Corporation has advanced tools and still keeps on developing new products to lead the Pulsed Light industry. Once you learn about it, the technology is amazing – Pulsed Light can perform a wide variety of applications for any light source between 200 nm-1100 nm. We see opportunities for foods other than mushrooms. Soon, we will have a chance to do more tests and uncover even more knowledge.

We’re doing our best at MOS Technology to find possible applications that can be improved by Pulsed Light. With XENON’s help, we’ll continue to innovate and bring new solutions to light.


Thanks to MOS Technology founder & CEO Jackie Lin for taking the time to share his thoughts on Pulsed Light. If you’d like to learn more about Pulsed Light and its many applications, please contact XENON today.