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Pulsed Light Experience

XENON has been developing innovative applications for Pulsed Light technology since the company was founded, making our experience and understanding unmatched in this field. It all began in 1964 with the design, development, and manufacture of high-energy pulsed lamps for laser pumping. Since then, XENON has applied Pulsed Light technology to hundreds of products across many different industries. The knowledge we have gained is built into every new product we develop, and it’s why today we have the expertise and experience to take on challenging new industries such as printed electronics, next-generation Blu-Ray and semiconductors.

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Pulsed Light Expertise

It's likely that no company in the world knows more about Pulsed Light because this is who we are. For over 50 years, we have been evolving and perfecting the technology, which has led to a host of innovations and patented breakthroughs. Our expertise is not in the technology alone, but also in how to apply it to real world applications. XENON has been instrumental in moving entire industries move from the research lab to the production line. We work with engineers from around the world to discover and perfect new and emerging applications of Pulsed Light.

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A History of Innovation

  • 1964: Designed first high-energy flashlamps for optical laser pumping
  • 1970: Conducted first Pulsed Light sterilization tests at milk bottling factory
  • 1975: Developed system for modifying polymer surface on circuit boards with temperature-sensitive electronic components
  • 1979: Shortened curing times of composites from hours to minutes, reducing energy use in manufacturing by 80% to 90%
  • 1981: Developed Pulsed Light surface treatment process for Motorola
  • 1988: Provided Pulsed Light system for bonding fiber optic connectors for the first transatlantic fiber optic cable
  • 1990: Introduced system to reliably cure heat-sensitive, plastic medical devices at low temperatures
  • 1990: Provided system for curing dry film photopolymers for printed & etch applications, tenting & pattern plating
  • 1992: Successfully cured coating on heat sensitive credit card using Pulsed Light with no damage to the internal hologram
  • 1995: Developed ring lamp curing system for heat sensitive medical devices requiring 360° cure
  • 1995: Introduced Pulsed Light curing process for DVD bonding
  • 1998: Introduced Pulsed Light curing system for liquid crystal displays
  • 2000: Developed exclusive Flash Initialization Technology for formatting CDs and DVDs
  • 2000: Introduced “zero” residue dicing tape removal process for semiconductor industry
  • 2001: Introduced new Pulsed Light lamp design, eliminating DVD edge curing problems
  • 2002: Introduced commercial systems for rapid sterilization and disinfection applications
  • 2006: Developed large footprint Pulsed Light system for curing heat-sensitive wood processing and plastics
  • 2009: Introduced the first Pulsed Light system for research and development in the emerging printed electronics industry
  • 2013: Launched the Printed Electronics Test Center Network, a global consortium facilities where researchers and product developers can access world-class laboratories to test product ideas and technologies
  • 2013: Shipped the world's first roll-to-roll systems for production sintering of printed electronics
  • 2014: Introduced, and applied for patent for dual pulse for printed electronics copper sintering
  • 2016: Development of X-1100 High-Intensity Pulsed Light System for research into new and emerging applications of Pulsed Light.
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