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The S-2300 Dual-Stage Sintering System

S-2300 Features
  • Pulse control with two independent high-energy stages in a single pulse.
  • User flexibility to set energy or pulse width and amplitude
  • Touch-screen interface with pulse display, recipe storage and recall
  • Create up to 40 pulse sequences, each with its own dual-stage profile for  flexibility in control of target thermal attributes
  • Scalable software technology for Lab-to-fab capability

The XENON S-2300 Dual-Stage Sintering System is a breakthrough in materials research, providing unprecedented control of high-energy Pulsed Light for the most challenging curing, annealing, and sintering applications.

Materials researchers are using Pulsed Light to explore innovative applications in printed electronics, biosensors, displays, semiconductor films, and other developing research areas. These applications can pose special challenges, especially where heat can damage the substrate, or where thick or multiple layers make uniform curing difficult.

The S-2300 is designed to research the sintering characteristics of UV light curable nano inks. XENON does not produce inks or pastes, however we have formed close relationships with a number of companies that supply materials to the printed electronics industry (see list).

The XENON S-2300 was designed to meet these challenges with a patent-pending technology that gives materials researchers the ability to manage the energy delivered using a dual-stage pulse profile. With the intuitive touch-screen computer interface, researchers can quickly and easily program up to 40 pulse sequences for unprecedented control over the profile and total Pulsed Light energy delivered to the target area. Energy levels for each stage can be set independently and the system can adjust the pulse duration and amplitude automatically. The ability to quickly establish a wide range of energy exposure profiles supports studies of advanced materials such as nanoparticles and semiconductor thin films.


The S-2300 shown with the optional Linear Stage which provides a process chamber and linear flash lamp housing.

The S-2300 shown with the optional conveyor which enables characterization of production processes.

The S-2300 can be configured to work with a variety of XENON lamp housings.

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