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The S-1000 Benchtop Sintering System

S-1000 Features
  • Adjustable exposure density
  • Exposure area options
  • Sintering chamber
  • Room temperature process
  • Sinter on heat-sensitive materials
  • Pulse duration 520 us

The S-1000 can be configured to work with a variety of XENON lamp housings.

The XENON S-1000 is a benchtop system for printed electronics that offers high peak energy, pulsed light technology to quickly heat and fuse conductive metallic ink flakes and nano inks at room temperature without significantly heating the substrate or adjacent thermally sensitive components.

The compact S-1000 has adjustable exposure intensity ranging from 290-830 joules with three exposure area options; 7.6x7.8cm, 1.9-30cm and 30.5x 30.5cm. System consists of a table top controller, separate lamp housing, UV Sintering chamber and lamp housing air cooling.

The S-1000 is designed to research the sintering characteristics of UV light curable nano inks. XENON does not produce inks or pastes, however we have formed close relationships with a number of ink manufacturers that supply materials to the printed electronics industry (see list).


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