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The RC-900 High-Power Modular UV Curing System

RC-900 Features
  • High peak power
  • Deepest penetration
  • Low substrate heat
  • Lower power consumption
  • Modular components
  • Lamp instant ON/OFF
  • Ultrashort cures
  • Single- and dual-lamp configurations
  • CoolCure™ technology
  • Mercury free

XENON flash lamps produce a broad spectrum suitable for any chemistry that absorbs UV light from 180 nm to 800 nm. Our lamps are available with up to three different spectral cut-offs, producing wavelength properties suitable for specific types of UV curing challenges. You can also choose from a variety of lamp shapes, including our patented spiral lamp. A XENON application engineer will help you choose the best lamp for your needs.

CoolCureXL Technology
The RC-900 features XENON's unique CoolCureXL pulsed UV technology, which delivers raoid curing without excessive heat. It's a significant improvement over mercury UV systems for the most demanding applications.

The XENON RC-900 High-Power Modular UV Curing System has all of the features of the RC-800 but with increased power and energy output driven by a new 6 kilowatt power supply, resulting in faster curing through a faster pulse rate. Manufacturers benefit from greater productivity and higher throughput.

The RC-900 utilizes XENON’s UV pulsed technology — rapid pulses of high-energy light that cure quickly and deliver important competitive advantages:

  • Precision control of the UV pulses allows delivery of a precise, predetermined, consistent energy level with every curing cycle. You achieve better results and can match the RC-900 to your application to a degree that is simply not possible with most other curing systems.
  • The RC-900’s on/off technology uses much less energy than continuous mercury-based systems, allowing you to achieve faster curing while keeping energy use low.

If you want faster, more cost-effective curing — and the improved manufacturing productivity that goes with it, you’ll want to consider the XENON RC-900.

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