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The RC-800 Modular UV Curing System

RC-800 Features

  • CoolCure™ technology
  • Deep penetration
  • Low power consumption
  • Process flexibility
  • Short cure time
  • Modular components
  • Mercury free

CoolCureXL Technology
The RC-800 features XENON’s unique CoolCureXL pulsed UV technology, which delivers rapid curing without excessive heat. It’s a significant improvement over mercury UV systems for the most demanding applications.

XENON flash lamps produce a broadband spectrum suitable for any chemistry that absorbs UV light from 180 nm to 800 nm. Our lamps are available with up to three different spectral cut-offs, producing wavelength properties suitable for specific types of curing challenges. You can also choose from a variety of lamp shapes, including our patented spiral lamp. A XENON application engineer will help you choose the best lamp for your needs.

The XENON RC-800 Modular UV Curing System offers one of the safest, most flexible, highest-performing curing solutions available anywhere. These systems are proven worldwide in curing applications as diverse as optical discs, medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic bonding, wood coating, and many more. If your application can benefit from energy efficient, rapid, cool curing at lower operating cost, we invite you to take a closer look at the XENON RC-800. Then ask XENON's engineers to help you pick the ideal solution for your application.

Process Flexibility
Because the underlying technology is more versatile, the RC-800 offers more choices than mercury UV systems. You can choose from a wide range of high intensity pulsed UV lamps, housings and other options that let you mix-and-match a curing system to perfectly fit your application. You can use RC-800 systems for continuous inline and index curing applications.

Continuous or Index Operation
Based on XENON's decades of experience designing high-performing curing solutions, all RC-800 systems are designed for demanding inline processes that operate continuously, and for high-throughput indexing applications.

Lamp Designs to Fit Your Application
One of the keys to effective curing is matching the UV light "footprint" to the target size and shape. That's why XENON offers more choices in lamp shapes and sizes. Over the years, XENON has developed a wide array of lamp styles — so you can precisely match the optical footprint of the lamp to your needs. And we're constantly adding to our lamp selection to meet evolving customer requirements. In addition, all RC-800 lamps offer a range of pulse rates and energies (up to 100 pulses per second; up to 507 joules per pulse), so they can be matched to a wide range of throughput requirements. Almost unlimited pulse sequencing can be user programmed, allowing an optimum match of UV light delivery to the target.

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