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Wilmington, MA—XENON Corporation, the Pulsed Light experts with over 50 years of experience, saw the need to develop and offer a set of single technology platform solutions to help companies push the boundaries of PE sintering. With the XS-Series, which is being launched at Santa Clara PE-USA, PE printers now have a range of energy profiles available which provides the ability to move seamlessly from benchtop R&D to light production, and ultimately to high capacity R2R production.

“With the Printed Electronics market continuing to evolve, and with applications expanding at a rapid pace, it was clear to XENON that companies need research and production technologies to help them keep up with the industry’s growth, as well as capabilities to effectively take advantage of all the innovations in Printed Electronics,” explained Mike Gnaegy, Vice President – Marketing & Product Management. Gnaegy went on to say, “To meet these requirements, we developed the XS-Series, a three-solution set of Pulsed Light systems that eases the manufacturing challenges facing the PE industry by delivering high peak power with low heat, allowing users to work with larger coverage areas with superior uniformity for increased throughput.”
The XS-Series consists of three High-Energy Pulsed Light Systems—the X-1100, S-2200 and S-2210. All three are built upon a common platform with common user interface, featuring XENON’s proven technology that enables manufacturers of flexible and printed circuits, and companies working within applications such as OLED displays, hybrid circuits and wearable devices to successfully sinter conductive inks at room temperature on flexible substrates.

XENON X-1100 is the lowest cost, benchtop Pulsed-Light system on the market. It delivers up 9 Joules/cm2 radiant energy/pulse, allowing engineers to set up Pulsed-Light profiles and perform trial-and-error testing of new processes that are critical to the success of new PE applications. The X-1100 requires no special electrical connections, is able to plug into standard mains voltage, and can be set up in minutes.

XENON S-2200 provides state-of-the-art thermal management for researchers working with new nanomaterials on heat sensitive substrates requiring rapid sintering. With high peak radiant power of up to 4kW/ cm2, it supports researchers and manufacturers who require the ability to develop and easily store effective process protocols over a wide process window by delivering individually configurable high energy pulses at high-frequencies.

The S-2210  is designed to treat wide areas (150 x 150 mm) with high intensity Pulsed Light for applications requiring high uniformity (up to an unprecedented 3%). And, it delivers max pulse energy output of 18kj/ cm2 with wide pulse duration ranging from 100-5000μs. Its compact size makes the S-2210 practical for scaling larger areas or achieving higher throughput by combining multiple racks, and adding wide treatment area lamp housing options.

With this complementary series, PE printers can use the X-1100 to test and set up energy profiles, move to the S-2200 to validate those profiles and/or for light production, and lastly turn to the S-2210 for full R2R production.

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