For Semiconductor and Display Application Cures, XENON Corporation Introduces the Luxon 300—The New "Large Area" Pulsed UV Curing System


XENON Corporation announces the development- and availability- of the Luxon 300 Modular Light System, designed to provide pulsed UV curing for the large area targets of semiconductors and display applications. The dual 12” U lamps are at the heart of the system and can process areas to 12” x 12” or 12” (300mm) diameter with unprecedented cure uniformity. The system was specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of inline curing applications that include low heat and fast throughput which cannot be solved with mercury UV systems.

In addition to low heat and fast throughput, the benefits and features that the market has come to expect from XENON lamps are continued in The Luxon 300: lower power consumption, high peak power coupled with deep penetration, and instant start/stop.

Applications include semiconductor processing and displays. The Luxon 300 also is excellent for medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical packaging, and sintering applications. Because of its abilities to bond without damage, The Luxon 300 is ideal for use with plastics, and its rapid, low heat curing capabilities are attractive to manufacturers of adhesives, inks and coatings.

The Luxon 300, which is available as OEM or stand-alone, is designed to function as part of integrated manufacturing systems that operate continuously, (24/7), producing high yields with minimum downtime. A low voltage, optically isolated I/O using a programmable controller handles system interfacing. The system holds promise for long-term reliable operation.

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