XENON Distributor Conference 2017


XENON hosted the International Distributor Conference from March 13-15, 2017. Seven distributors from five companies were in attendance at the Marriott Residence Inn located in Woburn, MA. The Conference consisted of presentations from XENON as well as our worldwide distributors with regards to new products, market strategies, and company-wide updates since our last Distributor Conference in 2014. 


In attendance (back to front): Shawn Wald of XENON Corporation, Lou Panico of XENON, Michael Gnaegy of XENON, Richard Vincent of Warsash Scientific Pty Ltd., Peter Schullerer of Polytec GmbH, Wilson Wong and Ding Juan of Anexus Pte Ltd, Emmanuel Gresle of Polytec France, Jackie Lin and Stewart Chen of MOS Technology, Inc., and Samuel Rechtoris of XENON. 


Richard Vincent of Warsash Scientific Pty Ltd. presenting.

Company Dinner

The 3-day event included a welcome dinner that was held at the Strega Prime in Woburn, MA for the XENON team and distributors in attendance. It was a great evening complete with delicious food and company.


Product demonstration

The conference concluded at the XENON headquarters in Wilmington, MA.  Distributors were taken on a plant tour in addition to getting first hand demonstrations of new products from our Engineering department. Thank you to everyone for helping make this a success and for welcoming our worldwide distributors.


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