XENON Announces the Sinteron 5000™ System


Company Says New System Capable of Sintering Silver Inks at up to 100 FPM

Wilmington, MA, August 27, 2012—XENON Corporation, the world leader in pulsed UV light technology, today announced the availability of the Sinteron 5000™ system, one of the first commercial systems for sintering printed electronics products at manufacturing speeds. "The printed electronics industry has been in the R&D stage for some time," said Lou Panico, CEO of XENON. "With this announcement, we are helping to bring the technology to the manufacturing floor with a sintering system capable of meeting the high-speed demands of roll-to-roll and conveyer feed production."

According to the company, the Sinteron 5000™ system uses XENON's patented pulsed light technology to deliver high-energy bursts of pulsed light for sintering silver nano-inks on the production line at up to 100 feet per minute, without harming or overheating substrates such as plastic, film, cloth or paper. Pulsed UV Sintering is an essential step in producing printed inks that have the proper conductivity.

"Printed electronics is a rapidly growing market," said Dr. Margaret Joyce, Director of Western Michigan University's Center for the Advancement of Printed Electronics, "but a major challenge has been bringing that technology to the production line. The Sinteron 5000 represents an important step in that direction."

The Sinteron 5000 includes ten independently controlled lamps with a touch panel that allows operators to precisely control roll speed, active lamps, overlap between lamps, lamp pitch, and lamp footprint. An integrated 16-inch-wide conveyor system can be easily removed for roll-to-roll applications.

"The Sinteron 5000 uses the same pulsed light technology that XENON has patented and applied in many other industries," said Panico. "In addition, we have been working closely with developers in printed electronics for some time now. The Sinteron 5000 is the culmination of this experience." He said the company is also developing a production system for sintering copper inks, with several sintering tools currently available for R&D use.

Panico said the Sinteron 5000 is available now for testing at XENON's headquarters and will soon be at various distributor sites around the world. He said that XENON welcomes the opportunity to modify the Sinteron 5000 to meet special needs of device manufacturers and machine makers.

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