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Wilmington, MA — (May 31, 2018) - XENON Corporation, the world leader in Pulsed Light solutions for over a half century, is reporting its benchtop XENON X-1100 system is being used in more and more university R&D laboratories. The chief reason for this is that the X-1100 provides researchers with provenphotonic technology designed to overcome the limitations inherent in laser systems and help them to discover potential new applications.
The very nature of laser technology gives rise to issues that can restrict the work of researchers. For example, laser beams are a point source, which limits how large an area in which researchers can operate. The pinpoint light of lasers also can be damaging to the materials with which they interact. On the other hand, because the X-1100 system is a wide area solution, the Pulsed Light being emitted not only provides researchers with far more flexibility, but it also eliminates potential harm to exposed materials.
Another limitation of UV laser technology is that its light is monochromatic. This gives researchers access to only a narrow wavelength of light to perform their work, while the X-1100 produces the complete spectrum ranging from deep ultraviolet to visible to far infrared. The versatility that comes from working with a broad band source is made more advantageous thanks to the fact that the X-1100 lets researchers deliver this energy with precise control of power, frequency and intensity.  
An additional limitation of laser systems is that they produce coherent light that can cause speckle, brought about by the constructive and destructive interference of the light. This makes it extremely difficult to achieve uniform illumination. Conversely, the Pulsed Light produced by the X-1100 is incoherent, and as such, does not create interference effects that may impact uniformity.
Dr. Saad Ahmed, XENON Director of Engineering, recently commented, “Laser systems are powerful tools, but they create several obstacles that can restrict the work being done by researchers, both in academia and in industry.” Ahmed went on to say, “Thanks to the development of the X-1100 Pulsed Light system, R&D laboratories now have a compact, versatile tool that breaks free from the limitations of laser technology, allowing researchers to push the boundaries of technologies and characterize new processes.”
The XENON X-1100 System provides universities with a research-ready tool that delivers broadband high-intensity UV rich light designed to go further in assisting users to develop a wide range of potential new applications. To learn more about this unique benchtop system, contact Laurie Panico at


XENON is the world leader in Pulsed Light technology for a wide variety of industrial, medical and research applications. In the Printed Electronics industry, XENON's S-Series systems are used to rapidly sinter silver and copper nanoinks at room temperature making it possible to print on heat sensitive flexible substrates such as PET and paper. XENON also produces high-performance Pulsed Light systems for applications in surface sterilization, UV curing and food enhancement. XENON's lamps are used in testing solar panels as well as curing Blu-ray Disc™. With 50 years of experience in Pulsed Light technology, XENON has thousands of systems operating on industrial production lines worldwide. For more information, visit



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