X-1100 Pulse Modes and Frequency


Based on the recent positive feedback on our new modular X-1100, we asked Dr. Saad Ahmed, XENON's Director of Engineering to comment on the variable pulse rate offered with the system.

"The X-1100 has various interesting pulse modes and as will be shown, can have a wide range in terms of pulse frequency. The simplest Pulse is defined by one on time and amplitude (voltage).  This single pulse can be repeated in a burst or run continuous. In this mode each pulse must wait for the system to reach the end of its charge cycle before it can pulse again. This then sets the limit for the maximum frequency of operation.  Given the Voltage and pulse duration the X-1100 can calculate the energy of the pulse and limits the cycle time (or period) to around 700W.

Another mode allows the user to program a sequence of pulses. In this case a number of on and off times are programmed.  During the sequence getting back to charge is not necessary.  The minimum on and off times for this mode is 50us.  This means that a short sequence of pulses can operate at frequencies as high as 10KHz. Pulse sequences can also be run continuously or in bursts and the condition of requiring return to full charge before the next sequence starts needs to be met."

To learn more about XENON's X-1100 system, check out the designated page on our website. Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@xenoncorp.com with any questions you may have about this innovate product.

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