XENON is excited to introduce The PULSE, a monthly newsletter which will talk about the latest happenings at XENON. The PULSE was created as a sales aide for our sales department, as well as our trusted Overseas Distributors as a way of branding and keeping the XENON name in front of prospects. 

Each month upon release, the PULSE will feature two main articles discussing anything between new technology or products updates, to upcoming trade show appearances. A Pulsed Light Discoveries section will also be included where you can find historical and/or current facts regarding successful pulsed light application, whether XENON was directly involved or not. This will give the readers an insight to how versatile pulsed light is, and how much of an amazing alternative it is to chemicals, most especially in the Life Science market. A Happenings Around Town section will also be included in each issue of The PULSE, predominately in the Boston area, as a way to entice prospects to come and visit the XENON Headquarters for testing purposes. 

You may subscribe to The PULSE here and download a PDF version here

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