XENON announces new technical product sheet out for the X-1100 High-Energy Pulsed Light R&D System


2-Sided Product Sheet

XENON ™ has made available a 2-page Product Sheet which provides an introduction to the versatility and ease of use of the X-1100 High-Energy Pulsed Light R&D System. The Product Sheet highlights key system capabilities and details how the system can be configured in various R&D laboratories across the globe. The X-1100 is currently the lowest cost high-energy Pulsed Light system on the market which arrives ready-to-pulse and plugs into a standard 115v or 220v outlet. 

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X-1100 product sheet image.png


4-Page Brochure

There was no practical method of generating intense pulsed light in a low-cost R&D tool that was safe. The X-1100 is a tool that provides researchers with unique photonic technology to deliver broadband high-intensity light that can be used in a vast number of potential new applications. The new brochure provides more detail into how the X-1100 is versatile and user-friendly, with a world of possible applications it can be utilized in. 

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x-1100 brochure

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