Dual-Stage High Energy System Breakthrough in Materials Research


XENON has announced the release of their latest High Energy Pulsed Light system model S-2300. The S-2300 system is designed for materials researchers and corporations working in applications where pulsed light energy is applied to achieve rapid room temperature curing, sintering and annealing of nanoparticle materials as well as semiconductor thin films. 

When developing applications using advanced materials such as nanoparticle inks, researchers are often faced with challenges where photonic heat can cause damage unless energy exposure is carefully applied. Materials researchers working in challenging application areas such as printed electronics devices, sensors, displays, Organic PV cells and semiconductor thin films, now have the ability to quickly establish a wide range of controlled energy exposure profiles on target areas.

Providing pulsed light energy up to 9000 Joules/pulse to a XENON linear flashlamp system, the S-2300 system offers a patent-pending dual-stage pulse energy control technology to establish optimum energy exposures to a target material. The S-2300 energy capability is accomplished using an intuitive touch-screen computer interface and an electronics system. Users have available a range of control settings to quickly select energy levels independently for each of the two stages within a single pulse. Selecting just the energy desired for each stage when programming a pulse profile will result in the computer automatically establishing pulse duration and peak level.  

The S-2300 system may be ordered with a XENON high-energy pulse light flashlamp mounted in an enclosed housing, providing a broadband spectrum from 200 to 2000nm. Flashlamps are available with three different spectral cutoffs, 190nm, 240nm and 370nm.

XENON is the world leader in pulsed light technology for a wide variety of industrial, medical and research applications. In the Printed Electronics industry, XENON's S-Series systems are used to rapidly sinter conductive inks at room temperature, making it possible to print on heat sensitiveflexible substrates such as PET and paper. XENON also produces high-performance pulsed light systems for applications in decontamination, UV curing and food enhancement. With 50 years of experience in Pulsed Light technology, XENON has thousands of pulsed light systems operating on industrial production lines worldwide.

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