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XENON’s Pulsed Light systems are used for a wide range of curing applications in markets as diverse as medical devices, optical discs, packaging, and wood processing. Pulsed Light can be used virtually anywhere UV mercury light is used, with superior and safer results.

Here are just a few of the known UV curing applications:

XENON Pulsed Light has redefined “state-of-the-art” in disc manufacturing, enabling faster and more effective curing. Our systems are the choice of the leading manufacturers, including those in the advanced field of Blu-Ray Disc™ technology which uses 100 micron coatings. The superior penetration of Pulsed Light allows manufacturers to cure thick coatings without compromising throughput.

Our solutions are innovative and proven in optical disk manufacturing. At one factory in Indiana, USA, more than 400 XENON Pulsed Light systems are in use making Blu-ray™ discs 24/7.

Applications in this industry include:

  • CD lacquer curing
  • DVD Bonding
  • Blu-ray™ disc top-coat curing

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More than half of all medical devices are made from plastic, and most of these use heat-sensitive polymers that can be melted or cracked by excessive heat. That’s why XENON Pulsed Light is widely used by manufacturers to cure a wide range of devices such as catheters, syringes, hydrogels, lubricious coatings, and surgical sealants.

The production of electrode hydrogels, for example, requires a tight process window, with a tradeoff between temperature and UV dose. The ability to fine-tune the energy per pulse of XENON Pulsed Light allows for excellent curing and throughput. In addition, XENON systems can be configured specifically to meet challenging applications, such as providing 360 illumination for curing balloon catheters.

Applications in this market include:

  • Hydrogels
  • Lubricious coatings on guide wires

With its high energy, low temperatures, and deep penetration, XENON Pulsed Light is the curing choice for many semiconductor manufacturers.

A popular application in this industry is the removal of dicing tapes. When exposed to Pulsed Light, the oligomers that cause the adhesion properties are cross-linked and shrinkage occurs. This action aids in the release of the die from the tape, leaving no residue. Once cured, the tape loses its "stickiness" and the die can be picked up, one at a time, for the packaging step. XENON Pulsed Light generates:

  • High-intensity energy to penetrate to wafer/tape interface for processing speed
  • The proper spectral output, so photoinitiator works correctly
  • Low heat for reduced adhesion and clean release

XENON has long been an innovator in the display manufacturing industry. In 1998, we introduced our first Pulsed Light curing system for liquid crystal displays.

Today, display manufacturers continue to choose XENON Pulsed Light for its combination of high peak energy, low heat, and deep penetration. And we continue to innovate. XENON has developed new wide-area systems specifically designed for curing today’s larger display systems. With pulsed energy as high as 38.8 joules/pulse at 100Hz, XENON solutions are ideal for the most demanding display applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Curing of conventional thin-film substrates such as OLED displays

XENON Pulsed Light is also used in wood processing, cosmetics, packaging, and other applications. Contact us with your demanding application, and see what our engineers can do.

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