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The Incredible Power of Pulsed Light Sterilization

Solutions that respond to the global need for microbial decontamination.
Infectious diseases are a significant concern for the safety of people living in worldwide communities. XENON’s SteriPulse™ technology—high energy pulsed light for germ-free commercial and industrial processing—is an alternative to the use of chemical sterilants, mercury-based UV sources or UV LEDs. Pulsed light requires shorter exposure time (seconds) to achieve a 3 to 6 log reduction.

chart.jpgWhat does SteriPulse offer?
All microorganisms, with the exception of Mad Cow Disease, contain DNA. SteriPulse technology destroys DNA by photochemical, photothermal and photophysical methods. It is classified as a sterilization agent because pulsed light is delivered with instantaneous power of several megawatts. This results in rapid inactivation of microorganisms, including fungal yeasts and molds, bacteria, rickettsiae, myco- plasma, and viruses. Pulsed light systems can be to scaled up and easily integrated into existing or new conveyor lines.

Where is SteriPulse Used?
High irradiance Pulsed Light equipment is applied as a fast and reliable method in continuous operating filling plants. Applications include food safety as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to disinfect packaging materials. Pulsed Light technology can inactivate pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms on food products to significantly extend shelf life. It can be used on food conveyors and as a post process treatment of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as ready-to-eat products such as meats.

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