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SinteringHowItWorksTab-2.jpgXENON is a leading provider of sintering solutions for the rapidly growing printed electronics industry.

Printed Electronics involves the printing of functional computer circuitry onto flexible materials such as cloth and plastic, using inks based on silver, gold, and most recently lower-cost copper. These inks must be sintered, or carefully heated, in order to make them properly conductive. XENON's Pulsed Light systems provide the energy needed to treat metallic inks without harming heat-sensitive substrates, and at speeds compatible with volume printing processes such as gravure and flexography. Because of the deep penetration of Pulsed Light, our solutions can even be used with multilayer circuitry.

Our innovations in this market include:

  • the development of benchtop R&D sintering systems.
  • the development of R2R production-line sintering systems at speeds up to 100 feet per minute.

The Global PE Test Center Network

In 2013, XENON spearheaded the formation of the PE Test Center Network in order to help jumpstart this emerging industry. The Network is a global consortium of companies and universities that make their laboratories, critical technologies, resources, and expertise available to product developers for a nominal fee to cover costs. This accelerates R&D and expedites proof of concept—thus shortening the time required to move from research to commercial production. The 25+ global members of the network include major distributors and OEMs, as well as several university research labs. Product developers and researchers who want to learn more, as well as laboratories wishing to participate, should email info@xenoncorp.com.

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